RockCrawler Leaf Springs Ford Ranger PX/PX2 (Pair)


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RockCrawler Leaf Springs to suit Ford Ranger PX/PX2

Rockcrawler is the name synomonous with the highest of quality, and their spring applications are configured to suit daily-drivers, work-horses, outback-tourers, as well as dedicated off-road vehicles.

In fact, there is not a better-performing, better-backed leaf spring product around!

Unlike some low-performance "cheapies", these springs feature all of the following:

- Military Wrap. Provides added safety.
- SUP9 grade steel (high alloy content). Surpasses the industry standard for long-term durability. Plus, eliminates to the need to 'over-specify' your spring-rate in order for the leaf packs to last. Result is a better ride and increased flexibility.
- Draw Tapered & Diamond Cut Leaves. Reduces friction and ensures that load distribution is included at the leaf tips.
- Precision-cut leaves (eliminates the need for pads/spacers) so the load and friction is distributed over the entire surface area of the leaf.
- Shot Peening. The tension side of all leaves is shot peened to reduce spring stress. Potentially doubles the life of a spring
- Fully Scragged & Load Tested. Scragging ensures the spring takes a permanent ‘set’ which reduces the risk of sagging. Load testing ensures the spring meets the required specification
- Use of positive camber (as opposed to 'flat-seat-spring designs') for great spring action and to help prevent "W-shape" sag long-term
- Industry leading 3 year warranty

These springs will lift the rear approximately 40mm and are available in 0-300kg or constant 300kg ratings. When deciding which spring rate to select include the weight of any tool boxes, custom trays or any other additional accessories.

Bushes and ubolts sold separately.

Suitable for Ford PX/PX2 Ranger 2012 - 8/2018 4WD.

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