Custom Rancho Long Travel Shocks

Customised suspension setups usually require custom-length shocks in order to maximise wheel travel and other performance factors.

4WD1 stocks a full range of USA-made Rancho long-travel & custom length shocks so dealing with us is easy.

For example, we have a couple of shocks in the Rancho RS9000XL series which extend to 819mm and compress to 491mm. That's 12.5" of travel! Or a super-humungous Rancho RS9000XL: Measuring from centre of eye to centre of eye it extends to 918mm and compresses to 537mm. That's a whopping 15 inches of travel! In fact, if you have got a rig that rides on these, please send us your pics. That's one tough truck!

So if you need a custom shock for your 4WD or even a camper trailer, just give us a call or send us an email. We even have a bloke here who knows the open and closed lengths of almost every shock we have, off the top of his head! - AMAZING!

Jeep JK Wrangler Rancho Suspension