Rancho RS5000X Rear Shock Absorbers Holden RC Colorado (Pair)


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Rear Rancho RS5000X Shocks Holden RC Colorado (Pair)

Since 1990, 4WD1 has been a proud importer of USA-made Rancho shocks absorbers. In 2015, the company is excited to release a new larger RS5000X shock series that helps deliver precisely controlled performance for standard or raised-height 4WDs popular in Australia and other parts of the world. The new RS5000-X shock series includes “Cross-Tuned Technology” – a unique valve design that allows for increased control and consistent ride profile with a larger shock body.

At lower speeds an eccentric disc in the valve shim stack engages the valving at lower frequencies, helping to control the energy of motion as the cycle of the shock increases or decreases in its action. When hitting potholes or rocks, Rancho’s ‘Progressive Engagement Valving’ allows for early flow of fluid. This reduces harsh initial impact and controls the flow of fluid in a progressive, gradual manner. When driving on ‘corrugations’ or travelling rough fire tracks, the early flow of fluid helps minimize “rough ride” as the piston movement is able to glide through the initial travel motion of the shock with minimal ground impact or force. If needed, the ‘Progressive Engagement Valving’ will further engage to maintain control and stability.

Rancho first launched the original RS5000 shock series in 1985 – now one of the best-selling, high-performance shock absorbers in the world. The new Rancho RS5000-X shock series has a larger 2.25-inch diameter reserve tube for greater oil capacity and a solid 16mm nitro-carbonized rod for extra strength. The RS5000-X shock is gas pressurized to minimize foaming and shock fade and adds a mild boost of spring rate. The series also features a glass-filled fluon-banded piston that provides smoother piston travel and greater responsiveness when road conditions vary.

Sold as a pair these rear shocks suit your Holden RC Colorado 4x4 2008 - 2012 from standard height through to 2"/50mm raised.

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