Rancho Suspension FAQs

Q: Another shock absorber store said that Ranchos were just ordinary shocks in flash packaging. Is this true?

A: 4WD shops and suspension shops selling other brands wish it was. Unfortunately, competitors will often knock a product they do not sell. This occurs from either ignorance, or deception intended to make you choose their product.

It is true that Rancho has some of the most presentable packaging in the industry. They are proud of their products and they want you to be equally proud of your purchase decision. How would you feel if you bought a top- quality watch from a store, and the sales assistant handed it to you in a brown paper bag?

Remember, a company that uses cheap packaging may also be using low-cost components!


Q: What does "engineered to suit the application mean?"

A: Many shock absorber brands have similar valving across the range. This means that a shock that will fit on a 2-tonne truck may also be sold to a customer with a Suzuki; if the ends and dimensions are compatible.

Look at a Rancho specification sheet and you will find shocks that are similar in size and end fittings, yet have different part numbers. This is because Rancho shocks are specifically valved to suit various applications, and it means that the ride you will experience will be superior.


Q: Does Rancho sell its shocks to any other 4WD shock absorber marketers?

A: No. Rancho shock absorbers are not sold under any other name.

The design and engineering that has gone into making the Rancho products the most highly-regarded specialist 4WD shock in the world is not available to any other company.


Q: Which is better; an adjustable or non-adjustable shock absorber?

A: The choice is really one for the consumer. The RS5000 is the world's best-selling 4WD aftermarket shock absorber. It got to that position by offering an unbeatable combination of quality, performance, value-for-money and long-term durability. The RS9000X adjustable shock has extra features which make it superior to the RS5000/RS5000X or RS7000MT and way ahead of any other brand available.

The 9-position external knob on the RS9000XL allows you to decide how the shock should ride. Position '1' provides a very soft "luxury car" ride. Position '9' is rock hard. Or you can select any of seven settings in between.

Position '9' is 400% firmer than position '1', so the choice is immense. In addition, the RS9000XL features 15-stage velocity-sensitive valving, an advanced tri-tube construction and piston head design that allows for an amazing 17 times the oil-flow of its RS9000 predecessor.


Q: Does the adjuster on the RS9000XL alter the compression or the rebound?

A: It alters both.