Rancho RS5000X Rear Shocks To Suit Valiant (Pair)


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Rear Rancho RS5000X Shocks to suit Valiant

Yes we know, what is a Valiant page doing on our website that specialises in 4WD suspension?

About 25 years ago we put some Rancho shocks on our VH Charger and simply couldn't believe the transformation. Sadly we sold the Charger before prices jumped.

The new RS5000-X shock series includes “Cross-Tuned Technology” – a unique valve design that allows for increased control and consistent ride profile with a larger shock body. The Rancho RS5000 shock has consistently been the world's best-selling aftermarket, performance shock absorber.

These shocks are sold as a pair and suit the rear of all Valiant Charger, Sedan, Wagon, AP6 or Utes. 

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